Why would I want to print
an addenda?

To keep the lesson teachable.
I can no longer obtain the materials called for in the lesson because they are out of print or circulation. I need the lesson to contain an option for use of a replacement material.

To keep the lesson accurate.
There is a correction of the information contained in the lesson, such as updated statistics or elimination of old information and I want to keep the content as up to date as possible.

Occasionally, an addendum is issued that is considered critical to replace. See the list of critical addenda here.

If you seek an addendum that is not included here, please contact us by e-mail at emc@cmich.edu or phone the EMC at

Printing Addenda for Your Teacher Manual

The Michigan Model for Health, the Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS), and Puberty: The Wonder Years are all “Living Documents.” Bound in a 3-ring binder, the teacher's
manual(s) can easily be updated by replacing pages with new information. To provide for this process, the EMC offers addenda on the web to be downloaded, printed and inserted into manuals, keeping teacher materials current and timely.

The addenda are presented in pdf format and include the changed pages, and the reverse side of those pages, only.  To view and print the corrected pages for inclusion in your manual, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not currently have this program, you can download it free from Adobe.com. Please note that these materials are protected under copyright.  They are included here as a service to our customers for the purpose of updating previously purchased curriculum.

The two most common reasons for the issuing of a lesson addendum are non-available materials and incorrect or dated information. Most lesson changes are written to provide an either/or option to use either an original material which has since become unavailable or a new replacement material. NOTE: If you have the original material available for teacher/classroom use, you will not need the addenda for materials replacement.

Occasionally, a Critical Addendum is issued. See details at left.

To proceed with the process of downloading addenda, choose the appropriate curriculum to the right.

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