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Growing Up and Staying Healthy: Understanding HIV and Other STIs

The goals of this module are that students will:

  • comprehend how HIV is and is not transmitted.

  • comprehend the benefits of staying within behavioral limits and remaining abstinent, and ways to reduce risks.

  • demonstrate the ability to analyze situations to determine risk, set boundaries on personal behavior, and use skills to avoid and escape situations that might involve transmission of HIV and other STIs.

  • demonstrate communication skills to express personal boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.

  • analyze the influence of parents, other trusted adults, and alcohol and drug use on sexual decisions.

  • locate and assess sources of information and assistance and determine when getting help is important.

  • demonstrate the ability to set personal goals to stay within behavioral boundaries and reduce the risks of having sexual intercourse in the future.

  • demonstrate the ability to advocate for healthy behavioral choices among peers

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