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Michigan Model

Modular Format for Secondary Health Curriculum

 Secondary Level Modules  
The first editions of the Michigan Model for Comprehensive School Health Education for grades 7 and 8 were two separate curricula intended for instruction at both grade levels. With the current trend in reduced available hours for the instruction of Health Education at the secondary level, this approach was difficult to implement.
Upon the completion of the revision of Grades K-6, the process of producing a new modular curriculum format began. The priority for production of these manuals has been driven by the six health risk behaviors identified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and measured nationally by the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. These behaviors include: unintentional and intentional injury, alcohol and other drug use, sexual behaviors, tobacco use, dietary patterns, and physical inactivity. The following curricular modules are currently available for instruction in Middle, Junior and High School programs to prevent these risk behaviors from developing.
Choose the major categories of curriculum you wish to view:
Alcohol and Other Drug Use Dietary Patterns Gambling Prevention
Physical Inactivity Sexual Behaviors Character Education
Tobacco Use Sun Safety Service Learning
Unintentional/Intentional Injury  

Unintentional and Intentional Injury
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The Two R's for Stopping Assault and Prevention Violence Grades 7-8

Skills for Health and Life Grade 9-12

Sexual Behaviors
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Growing Up and Staying Healthy: Understanding HIV and Other STIs Grades 7-8

Healthy and Responsible Relationships Grades 9-12

Tobacco Use
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The Power Is Yours to Be Tobacco Free Grades 7-8

Skills for Health and Life Grade 9-12

Dietary Patterns
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A Winning Team: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Grades 7-8

Skills for Health and Life Grade 9-12

Physical Inactivity
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A Winning Team: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Grade 7-8

Skills for Health and Life Grade 9-12

Alcohol and Other Drug Use
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Protect A Friend–Share Your Skills: Alcohol Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention Module for Grades 7 and 8

Skills for Health and Life Grade 9-12

Gambling Prevention

All "Bets" Are Off!  Grades 7-8

Don't Bet On It!  Grades 9-12

Character Education

Choosing Who I Am...Choosing Who I Become  Grades 7-8

Building Character in Ourselves and Our School  Grades 9-12

Managing Life in a Less-Than-Perfect World  Grades 9-12 Alternative Education

Service Learning

Building Character Through Service-Learning  Grades 7-12

Sun Safety

Take Control of Your Sun Exposure  Grades 7-8

Look Young and Stay Healthy-Your Choice  Grades 9-12

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