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Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE)

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What Are Grade Level Content Expectations?
The Michigan Health Education Content Expectations reflect legal requirements, best practices, and current research in the teaching and learning of health education. They build from the Michigan Health Education Standards and Benchmarks (1996) and the State Board of Education’s Policy on Comprehensive School Health Education (2004). The content expectations represent a vision for a relevant health education curriculum that addresses critical health knowledge and skills for successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle during a child’s school years and beyond.

The Content Expectations are organized by strands.

  • Strand 1: Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • Strand 2: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

  • Strand 3: Safety

  • Strand 4: Social and Emotional Health

  • Strand 5: Personal Health and Wellness

  • Strand 6: HIV Prevention

  • Strand 7: Growth and Development

Within the five strands, the Expectations are aligned to the eight Health Content Standards.


Core Concepts
All students will apply health promotion and disease prevention
concepts and principles to personal, family, and community health issues.



Access Information
All students will access valid health information and appropriate health
promoting products and services.



Health Behaviors
All students will practice health enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce
health risks.



All students will analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, and
technology on health.



Goal Setting
All students will use goal setting skills to enhance health.



Decision Making
All students will use decision-making skills to enhance health.



Social Skills
All students will demonstrate effective interpersonal communication and
other social skills which enhance health.



All students will demonstrate advocacy skills for enhanced personal,
family, and community health.