Healthy Weight in Children
This new publication represents a collaboration between the Michigan Department of Community Health and the Michigan Department of Education in a joint effort to help families understand the importance of health weight in children.  The document is published in hard copy format but you can also download fact sheets from the booklet by choosing the topic of choice from the list below.
The Family's Role  (641K) El papel de la familia
Your Healthy Home  (826K) Tu hogar saludable
Fit Families at Home  (750K) Familias en buena forma en el hogar
Healthy Kids: All Shapes and Sizes  (885K) Niśnos sanos: de diversos tamaśnos y formas
Listen to Your Body  (1MB) Escucha a tu cuerpo
Breakfast Boosts Brain Power  (1MB) El desayuno estimula el cerebro
What's for Lunch?  (885K) ┐Que hay para almorzar?
I'm Thirsty  (1.3MB) Tengo sed
Fit Families on the Move  (753K) Familias en forma en movimiento
Plan for Healthy Snacks  (828K) Plan para bocadillos sanos
Healthy Choices Away from Home  (1.3MB) Opciones sanas fuera del hogar
Healthy Schools = Healthy Students  (1MB) Escuelas sanas = estudiantes sanos
Healthy Weight Paper                                                            

The Michigan Department of Education in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Community Health, the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports, and the Michigan Fitness Foundation developed The Role of Michigan Schools in Promoting Healthy Weight.  The paper was developed to be a working model to help administrators assess their school's environment and to establish or review district guidelines and policies.  It includes tools to help create safe and supportive schools where students can be physically active and benefit from a healthy nutritional environment. In addition to prevention the paper includes guidelines for schools that want to provide support for overweight students.  To download a pdf version of this document, click here.  (Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher to view this document properly.  You can update your Reader software free at  printed booklets for $2.00 click here.

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