Michigan Model for Health™ - Curriculum

Secondary Level

Michigan Model for Health

The Michigan Model for Health secondary level includes Middle School (Grades 7-8) and High School (Grades 9-12). Middle School is organized exclusively by content into separate modules. High School has at its core a one-semester health course addressing the major youth risk behaviors, plus additional content-specific modules addressing other important health topics. Each module includes its own Teacher Manual with a corresponding Teacher Resources CD (USB drive for HS), and provides complete lesson plans covering all health content for a given grade level group.* Each module is sold separately.

The curriculum is packaged in a three-ring binder because it is a “living document.” Using addenda published online, teachers can download updates and changes to their grade level curriculum and replace pages within their modules, making it easy to stay current…even with today’s limited resources.

*Additional support materials are required for most modules.




Michigan Model for Health Secondary-level Curriculum


Middle School (Gr 7-8) No. of Lessons Length of Lessons
Social & Emotional Health and Safety 15 45 minutes
Nutrition & Physical Activity 11 45 minutes
Alcohol & Other Drugs 11 45 minutes
Tobacco 6 45 minutes
HIV & Other STIs 10 45 minutes
Character Education 12 40 minutes
Sun Safety 12 activities* 40 minutes
Gambling 5 40 minutes
High School (Gr 9-12) No. of Lessons Length of Lessons
Semester Course 69 50 minutes
HIV & Other STIs up to 22** 45 minutes
Character Education 10-regular HS
12-alternative HS
45 minutes
Sun Safety 8 activities* varied 10-60 min
Gambling 5 45 minutes
Middle School-High School (7-12) No. of Lessons Length of Lessons
Service Learning 5 steps variable
Emergency Preparedness 30 activities* 20 minutes

*Activities are non-sequential for use as timing is appropriate
**Three options for implementation using one teacher manual